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sE X1 Vocal Pack includes: X1 condenser mic, pop shield, 3M microphone cable, shock mount, quick and easy setup, everything you need to start recording Review (mpn: 22423 for sale) 22423 Compressor Discrete Series 500 Api 525 Module Reissue Items that are listed as not working, for parts, or as is do not have any warranty or guarantees and cannot be returned for a refund, credit or exchange of any kind. E. The controls and switches are all reassuringly solid and clunky, and the simple, bold layout makes it one of the best-looking 500-series units I’ve seen. Jun 26, 2019 The best vocal compressor can do more than faithfully represent There is also the 500 Series that screws into a tiny rack called a lunchbox. Rather than using one heavy compressor with a 10:1 ratio that’s applying 10+ dB of gain reduction, it’s better to use multiple compressors that each chip away at the Our Top 5 Best Vocal Compressor 1. Tax) The IGS ONE LA 500 is an opto-compressor built for the 500 series format. I'll be getting the new Portico 543's in next week so I can compare them both and ultimately decide which comp I like best. The Best Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics under $500. The elysia xpressor 500 is an extremely versatile stereo compressor available in 500-series format. Fast forward to today, and low- cost plug-ins and tasty 500-series modules have become de rigueur in our studios, so ART thoughtfully reimagined the VLA compressor into an ultra-affordable, all-analog, 500- series module, called the VLA 500. Here are three awesome 500 series preamps you can get for under $1000. . The 500 format units are plug and play in any manufacturer's lunchbox, in case you were wondering. But sometimes, the compressor works best right at the end. The best way to grasp the concept of the sound of mix-bus compression is to mix the same song twice: once with compression and once without. Jun 20, 2018 Both expert and user reviews liked using this while mixing vocals. The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Best Guitar Compressor. the 527 is a staple within the 500 series compressor world – and for good reason. Many of the standout plugins in each of these bundles are also discussed in our other Best Plugin posts, including The 10 Best Reverb Plugins In The World, The 10 Best Delay Plugins In The World and 50 Of The Best Compressor Plugins In The World. Best match; New arrivals; Name; Product Have your audio files or MIDI processed through real analog gear from all over the world. It is powered with 250V DC from an on-board voltage converter, so it can be plugged into any 500 series rack equipped with a standard power supply. You can use compression on vocals to just even out the performance and to create an effect. T. 00. It’s clear that Shure has geared the 55SH Series II mainly for vocal use, with a max SPL at just 94dB. Mixer is in Excellent Like New Condition. Because while not many of us can afford to spend $5000 on a vocal mic, it’s still something that we all need… And for most new studios, it’s the very first mic on their shopping list. BAE Audio unveils new 500C FET compressor and R53 500 series rack Marc van den Hurk on January 12, 2017 / 0 comments For the 2017 NAMM show, analogue gear manufacturer BAE Audio [Hall A: Booth 6290] announces the launch of two new products: the 500C FET lunchbox compressor and the R53 3-slot horizontal 500 series rack with linking. Whether you are a professional tradesman or a DIY home renovation enthusiast, the best way to power your tools is with a reliable air compressor. I was thinking of getting a 500 series to make my guitar recordings sound better. With its many unique features taken from Elysia's flagship products, you not only get great compression, but an amount of control on processing whi August 02, 2012. 3 mm balanced; Housing: 500er A 500 series preamp is one of the best ways to add life to your recordings and end up with a better mix and master. The reality of home studios is very similar, only less glamorous. dbx has a much-heralded history with modular processors dating back to our 900 Series and the 560A continues that tradition. compressor, reverb, and EQ. If you are doing rock/metal , consider looking into the Zen of Screaming DVD series, or better yet, involved as building a vocal booth or just finding a good-sounding room to record in. The 583s is also built to be a “good neighbor” to your other 500 series modules. The 1073LB is the 500 series version of the original 1073 mic pre. Some recording engineers think compression is a must for vocals. Vocal FX That Impress. SSL LMC+ 500 Series Listen Mic Compressor and Filter. The Inward Connections The Brute is a single channel 500 Series optical compressor based on the circuitry of the TSL-3. Indulge yourself in it's smooth and creamy sound! ON SPECIAL TILL END OF FEB 2019 SAVE 12% | US$810 | €760 | £650 | (excl. The dbx 560A is the 500 Series version of one of the most-used compressors I wish all compressors had this parallel compression option. It's all standardized. The BC501 is one of TK Audio's best-selling 500-series modules. The vocals are kind of middy, a peek in the high mids, not very deep. I am just getting into 500 series equipment and am looking at 2 compressors mainly for vocals and snare drum. This type of compressor generally provides a faster attack time and better repeatability than the optical compressors typically found in channel strips. Dec 1, 2008 As Jay Matheson noted in his 500 Series Pre Amp Roundup on page 54, there are a variety of advantages with the Dialing up good sounds on some sources requires patience. 5 Hz – 500kHz frequency range – which is far beyond the range of human which combines the 610 mic pre with a T4 optical compressor; Universal Audio 6176  Have a safety track of the vocals un-processed and you can always run it through your preferred compressor after the fact if the doublewide doesn't do what you though, I don't imagine you'd have much trouble getting it to sound good. which 500 series should I get? and what about for bass, drums, and vocals? I'd try to help you out, but what's a 500 series? If you're in the market for a 500 series preamp—or any preamp for that matter—we'd highly recommend giving Skulpter a try. By using the same architecture, components, and original hand-wound transformers, the sound remains faithful to the original. . Sound Bites BSS Compressors If the original BSS DPR402 and DPR404 Compressors were produced by a US Boutique Audio manufacturer today with a fancy name Up for sale we have a used Shadow Hills Mono Optograph Compressor Module in great shape. [mix] Okay. Delivering the classic sound and operation of that stock studio compressor, the 1176, the 7X-500 simplifies A versatile mono compressor for 500 series frames that takes optical compression to the next level for all forms of music production. The VE-500 is a high-performance vocal toolkit with automatic harmony/pitch correction, a vocoder, and deep effects options that allow users to process their voice any way they like, from subtle sweetening to the dramatic, over-the-top effects heard on many modern records. Because we offer such a wide variety of compressors and limiters, you may want to start your search with the best sellers. The Doublewide both looks and feels great. HI guys, I need your advice! I'm looking for a 500 series vocal compressor for male vocals, Soul, R&B, Pop and Rap. For others, it's because they want ONE premium channel to make their vocals shine. For the NAMM 2019 show, Heritage Audio released two new pieces of analog hardware goodness. This article on the best microphone preamps under $500 is the second in a series on the best mic preamps available today. With its many unique features taken from our flagship products, you not only get great compression and tone, but an amount of control on processing which is hardly ever experienced elsewhere. 500 Series. All in the same family of VCA-based compressors, the 527 has continuously variable attack, release and ratio controls (unlike the 2500), better metering resolution (than the 225L), an output level control, upgraded VCAs and API's Thrust® technology. It’s an award-winning single-channel solid-state mic pre that delivers the same classic Neve sound. Preamp This choice is going to be a big part of your signature sound. The COMP-554 is essentially a 500 series version of the COMP-54 MKII, that has introduced some additional features. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 with Guns N’ Roses, Sorum provided the percussive firepower for many of G N’ R’s most potent tracks. Boss has announced the latest addition to its 500 series pedals, the VE-500 Vocal Performer harmony/multi-effects processor. Could be used as a mono tracking compressor or (as a matched pair) Takes up a single 500 series slot. The harmony engine can alternately be driven via MIDI (through either the VE-500’s MIDI or USB inputs), enabling you to generate pitch-perfect live harmonies with a MIDI keyboard or DAW-based backing tracks. Although the British-E is only a small portion of what this powerful plugin has to offer, it does an amazing job of emulating the sound of Neve EQs. Not only for harmonically rich vocals and strings, but also for huge and beefy  It is no secret that optocompression works best for vocals, guitars and bass. Very Good. Could be your next go-to vocal compressor. Jun 27, 2019 Without a good vocal tone, your mix will always sound amateur. So I’m going to play the before, I’m going to play the after, and then I’m going to walk you through the EQ process, and show you how I’m using various curves and various corner frequencies to create a contour that really highlights the best parts of this particular singer. Alan Smart C1LA 500–Series Stereo Compressor/Limiter. Performance While the looks alone will sell hundreds of these mics, it’s the performance that really makes the 55SH Series II a true contender. BEHRINGER PMP580S MINT 10-Channel Powered Mixer 500W Amplified w/ EQ & Effects - $267. The IGS ONE LA is an opto-compressor built for the 500 series format. This is the first high voltage vacuum tube 500 series module that is offered by IGS. Fully variable high pass and low pass filters for “frequency conscious” gating. of one of the best opto-compressors in the history - the Teletronix '68 LA-2A. However, for that money you'll get a hard-working, reliable tool that ought to last a lifetime. Rather than spend hours The Xotic SP Compressor condenses the OTA technology used in the Ross Compressor into a single compact chassis. Rackmount compressors will generally feature one or two channels, while 500 Series feature one channel, requiring you to buy two of the same model if you want to capture and compress a stereo signal. API 527 500 Series Compressor. Lindell Audio 77X-500 500 Series Stereo Compressor. Whether you want to craft a classic vocal chain, a sophisticated guitar DI and Rupert Neve Designs 535: 500 series diode bridge compressor . wide cut somewhere around 200-500Hz to remove muddiness from the vocal. These guys make some of the best new gear that rivals the vintage stuff. Especially with an effect like compression, the sound and feel differences between pedals can be subtle. For vocals I always used Syren's Open mode for a fat, rich sound and good low frequencies. It evens out the often-erratic levels that a singer can produce and tames transients that can cause digital distortion. Among their latest offerings was a new 500 series version of their 2U rackmounted MPressor which debuted in 2007, and more recently, spawned a software emulation from Plugin Alliance. At the 2016 AES Show in Los Angeles, dbx celebrated its entry into the 500-series market with a handful of new products. Neve 1073LB. The Chandler Little Devils are a brand new collection of modules for API 500 Series enclosures. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. the best way I’ve found to clean up vocal tracks. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Matt Sorum needs little introduction as one of rock’s greatest drummers. There are tons of compressor options available nowadays, both hardware and software. (This is supposed to be best not most popular) Other possibilities should include the Summit DCL200, Manley Slam and maybe even the ELOP. Clean, fast, reliable FET compression. Serpent Audio offers a line of audio compressors with high quality components, advanced feature sets and innovative design. The TUBECORE 500 is a full symmetric transformer balanced 500-series compressor. In this video a full review of the newest compressor from Bettermaker the C502V stereo and dual mono mastering and bus compressor for the 500 series, a fully analog unit with digital presets The Elysia Xpressor 500 is an extremely versatile stereo compressor. As in any vintage device, manipulation is minimized: Output, Threshold, and Ratio. Get the lowest price on the Rupert Neve 517 Portico 500-Series Preamp, DI & Compressor. Recommending you use plugin compressor slightly contradicts the mindset  DOUBLEWIDE Tube Compressor. First is the Lindell Audio 7X for $180 and I am also looking at is a radial engineering Komit compressor for $250. Good compressors are essential equipment for most workshops, as they can supply clean, high-pressure air to power various pneumatic tools, such as nail guns and paint sprayers; and, of course, inflate tires. The new Chandler Little Devils, of course, a series so far consisting of an eq and a compressor, both of which we will be looking at today. The xpressor 500 is one of the best sounding and most versatile stereo compressors in the 500 series format. This test should give you a great indication of how mix-bus compression affects the overall cohesive balance of the loudest and most important parts of your mix. The Action features a constant impedance 600 ohm input attenuator feeding the input transformer, just like Purple Audio's MC77 units. Its a nice sounding EQ on most audio material but I think it’s best suited to acoustic guitars and rock vocals. Best Match currently Save compressor vocal to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Lindell Audio 7X-500 500-Series F. Mar 30, 2010 API's 527 single-channel compressor is a 500 Series module based on transparent sound—definitely a good unit for recording vocals, too. microphone without diving into the 500-dollar range or beyond. To achieve subtle, natural sounding compression on your vocal it’s best to use multiple compressors throughout the mixing process (this is called ‘serial compression’). The Golden Age Project COMP-554 is a mono compressor designed for the 500 series format. T Rack Classic EQ. The best portable air compressors cost over $300. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. And finally there are compressors that are inside of channel strips. Find all of your Rupert Neve needs at FrontEndAudio. Love your 500 Series rack, but can't quite pull off that "high-end" vocal sound you Initially one of LA's best-kept secrets, the word about Inward Connections  In this post I've compiled a list of the top 9 choices for home recording. As for lead vocals, it’s normal to use both additive and subtractive EQ directly on the vocal. API's 527 single-channel compressor is a 500 Series module based on the company's 225L discrete channel comp and their rackmount 2500 stereo bus compressor. Is there a big difference between them? Should I be looking at another one? Looking for a max (hopefully) of $300 for now. Compressor with Buy MIDAS 500 SERIES COMPRESSOR LIMITER 522: Compressors, Limiters & Gates - Amazon. The Retro instruments DOUBLEWIDE is a mono tube compressor unit designed from the ground up for the 500 series format. I have the Retro Doublewide with Great Rivers 500 series pre amp. Comprised of a fully-featured mic preamplifier, 4-band EQ, compressor-limiter, “texture” control and level metering, the Portico II Channel includes a bevy of new features including; Variable Silk with Texture control, a fully tunable “de-esser”, multiple VCA filtering and detection options, a transient-optimized swept HPF and parallel It’s clear that Shure has geared the 55SH Series II mainly for vocal use, with a max SPL at just 94dB. Shadows Hills, Crane Song and SSL all have compressors worthy of this list. Our Top 5 Best Vocal Compressor 1. 500 Series Racks; 85 item(s) - Page 1 of 6 Sort. Try out different ways, and see what works best for the source. While the looks alone will sell hundreds of these mics, it’s the performance that really makes the 55SH Series II a true contender. This is Part 2 of our Compressors Smashing Drums shootout review (Part 1 A good place to start when you are talking drum compression (and luckily also first famous and respected compressors for drums around (for 500 series users the . FMR Audio RNLA 7239 Stereo Compressor This is an entry level audio compressor and it is ideal for beginners who want to test the waters before opting for something more expensive. Free shipping on many Rupert Neve items! The dbx 560A Compressor/Limiter offers legendary VCA-based compression in the increasingly popular 500 Series format. Admirers say that the Pro VLA is the most useful compressor under a grand — and it's way under a grand. Rather than forcing one compressor to do all the heavy lifting, each plugin does its bit. Whether you're recording guitars, drums, strings, piano, or any other instrument, you'll love our models featuring multiple compression modes. Sum up to ten channels sourced from the eight 500-Series slots and balanced stereo aux input, making it ideal for working with individual tracks, stems, and even the stereo output of another mixer. It excels at processing all manner of sources like bass, vocals, even whole and the simple, bold layout makes it one of the best-looking 500-series units I've  DBC-20 hip hop vocal compressor they sound damn good! Packed with features not found on any other 500 series optical compressor, it stands out from the  The best mic-preamp combination- the best voiceover vocal chain If you use it in combination with the 500 Series A-Design P1 you can't go wrong. The 551 Inductor EQ is the only equalizer for the 500 Series actually designed by Rupert Neve. New Gear Review: BAE 500C FET Compressor. If you're tracking vocals and instruments, there are few aspects Starting with a female vocal on a slower-tempo track, I was immediately impressed by the compressor’s transparency: my 500-series modules are positioned out of sight when looking at the computer monitors, and when I turned my head to see how much gain reduction was being applied, I did a double take! It is also one of the best free VST Plugins for vocals. The 500–Series dynamics modules include compressors, limiters, expanders and noise gates. API 529 500 Series Stereo Compressor. The structure is based on the typical vari mu solution. In fact, Tobias Lindell's objective seems to have been to see just how far down the price of a 500-series system could be pushed without compromising on the quality. Sorum is also an accomplished producer and owner of Drac Studios in Los Angeles, Using multiple subtle compressors in a row (especially on vocals) can sound more musical. Crane Song Falcon Tube 500 Series Compressor The Falcon . With its many unique features taken from Elysia's flagship products, you not only get great compression, but an amount of control on processing which is hardly ever experienced elsewhere. 500 Series Racks are available as 11 space Rackmounts, 6 space I've been using my BAE 1073s this year to record everything; drums, vocals, I use I've got some BAE gear in my studio- some 1084 channel strips and some 10DC compressors. Over the last week, I've been demoing the API 527's and they are a really nice compressor, but I'm not sure the API sound is for me. The feature packed DBX 286s is probably the best value channel strip under $500 considering the combination of features and low price, and has been amazingly well received by owners who's most common positive comment is about how easy it is to use to improve your vocal recording quality. The 500-Series dynamics modules include compressors, limiters, expanders and noise gain of your mix and how the engineer wants certain instruments, vocals. The best air compressor gives you all the air power you need to operate all sorts of pneumatic tools like paint sprayers, staple guns, etc. using multiple compressors in series, rather than one single compressor. For this type of vocal compressor in the 500 series format, some of our  Shop our wide selection of 500 Series dynamics modules, including Neve, API, Retro Best Seller SSL Stereo Bus Compressor Module for 500 Series. The incredibly affordable FMR Audio RNC500 ­Really Nice Compressor, 500 Series provides all the power of the RNC and outfits it for your 500 series set up. Apr 16, 2018 Individually, they're wonderful tools for mixing vocals, but when used in series ( and in a specific way) they're on a whole new level (pun . Best Compressors for Vocals Universal Audio LA-2A. settings on songs and vocals too in the presets) stands happily alongside the  Dec 24, 2018 Learn how to record professional quality vocals by choosing the right recording If your recording doesn't sound good on the way into your DAW, it's not going . 500 Series Components. $699. It is a versatile unit, housed in a two-module wide 500-series plug-in format, with three main modes of operation offering a range of possibilities. It can be used for all stereo or single channel signal applications: as a main mix bus compressor; for submixes; or for tracking either mono or stereo sources. Check out the Galaxy Audio DSPOT DS-CP22 Compressor Limiter. I would say it’s one of the best vocal plugins 2018 brought us. Master of the dirty sound. Free shipping, free 2. Already a fan of their forward-thinking designs, I had to get my hands on one. One of the best examples of this comes from Lindell Audio, and its 75X-500 FET-Style Compressor. The TUBECORE 500 is a true tube mono compressor where compression is achieved using the remote cut-off of tube biasing. Options like the A Designs 500 Blue preamp, Golden Age Project EQ and the Lindell Audio 7X-500 compressor, while being all separate brands, can pair together giving you a truly flexible and customized recording experience. The Successor is a stereo bus compressor offering a fresh take on a classic and not-too-common compressor design, and the MCM-8 II is an 8-slot 500-Series enclosure with an integrated 10-channel summing mixer. What these do is provide power to the 500 series units you buy. FMR Audio RNC500 ­Really Nice Compressor, 500 Series - The 500 series of the compression beast. Up for Auction is a USED 500 Watt Behringer Europower PMP580S 10 Channel Powered Mixer. Effects include automatic harmony/pitch correction, a vocoder and deep effects options. Which plugin bundles have you found best suit your recording requirements and preferred workflow? BOSS announces the VE-500 Vocal Performer, a unique and powerful vocal harmony/multi-effects processor pedal. 500 Series Preamps Equalizer Limiter Compressor Modules. I’ve owned a number of the hardware compressors they mentioned and would be quick to take the DBX160 off the list. One of the problems, when you’re shopping for any kind of guitar pedal, is the huge variety of options you’ll find on the market. Buttons on the right-hand side are aligned in a vertical row: “Bypass” (a hard bypass relay that connects the input directly to the output), “HPF” (a side-chain high-pass filter, that slopes 6dB/octave at 125 Hz), and “GR Off” (which allows you to turn the gain reduction off or on). Alright, here we go. A fixed threshold and ratio mean you must broadly control the amount of compression desired by juggling the input and output levels. With a 500 Series dynamics module, you an inject naturalness and transparency into dynamic sources like vocals and woodwinds, or tame transient sources like piano, acoustic guitar, and drums. A 500 series preamp is one of the best ways to add life to your recordings and end up with a better mix and master. The VE-500 contains wide-ranging effects with deep editing parameters for crafting nearly any vocal sound imaginable. Hardly any use on it. This is another free product from ikmultimedia, this time in a 6 band EQ from T Racks. Best Match. Ideal tool for pro-level vox Speaking as someone who cannot sing exceptionally well (great way to start a review about a vocal tool, right?) I have never been overly burdened by my lack of ability to play guitar and sing at the same time. Lead vocals. Stereo buss compression, processing single signals, approaching dynamics in creative ways – the xpressor 500 shines in many Lead vocals. It features discrete electronics, transformer-coupled I/O, and a switchable sidechain high-pass filter to allow low frequencies to pass through The Brute without being compressed. The lunchboxes themselves are a hefty up-front cost, usually around $500 to $1,000 for a decent one with enough slots. which 500 series should I get? and what about for bass, drums, and vocals? I'd try to help you out, but what's a 500 series? I am just getting into 500 series equipment and am looking at 2 compressors mainly for vocals and snare drum. 500-Series DI/Pre/Comp with Variphase Based on the Portico 5017 Mobile Pre, the 517 provides world class, transformer-coupled preamp, compressor and DI circuitry, with Vari-phase, Silk and DI/mic blending capabilities in a 500-Series model. Proprietary Hysteris or “trigger stabilization” to prevent “chatter” around the threshold. Any one of the following mics under $500 are great: Credit: Nicole Gray. No matter if you want set-and-forget, or to delve deep into the secrets of compression, the xpressor 500 is for you. Elysia skulpter 500; Discrete Class-A Mic Preamp; Class-A amplifier; Audiophile Gain Staging; Dual Sound Shaper; onboard Dynamics; Variable Low Cut Filter; Multifunction Meter for Level, gain, compression and clipping; Stepped Controllers; +48V Phantom Power; DI-Input 6. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Will come with Rack Mount Brackets, power cord, original box and Quick Start Manual. Red hot and on fire. The RC 500 compressor has a “soft knee” compression curve and a fixed 3:1 compression ratio, although the input-gain stage can be driven harder, 6020 Ultimate EQ is a collection of ten 500-series style equalizer models, including the British-E EQ, based on the 1073. Discrete 500 Series compressor with classic API features like continuously variable controls and all new options for feed-forward or feed-back compression hard and soft knee shapes and API’s patented THRUST switch. I was most interested in the dbx 560A, which the company described as having the same compression characteristics as the rackmount 160A, including the dbx trademark OverEasy curve. Purple Audio Action 500-Series FET Compressor The Purple Audio Action 500-Series FET Compressor is a FET compressor reminiscent of the MC77 designed to work in standard 500-Series racks. The Top 25 Best Selling 500 Series of 2016 at Vintage King Audio. Both models are rack-mountable, so adding We spent 45 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. com. The P1 The EQ and compressor work well, especially since the attack time has been they   You should be able to use a compressor in-the-box. Compressors & Limiters, FMR Audio RNC 1773 Really Nice Compressor, FMR Audio RNLA 7239 Really Nice Levelling Amplifier, Warm Audio WA-2A Tube Opto Compressor, Warm Audio WA 76 Discrete Compressor, Behringer MDX2600 V2 Composer PRO-XL, Behringer MDX4600 V2, FMR Audio PBC-6A, BBE MaxCom, WesAudio Beta76, Behringer SPL3220 Process your voice any way you like with the Boss VE500 Vocal Performer Boss have released the VE500 Vocal Performer, their new multi-effects processor for vocals that’s designed to integrate in to a guitarists set-up. It has a combination of features that are based on the BC1-S rackmount compressor and the BC2-ME mastering compressor from the same manufacturer. Tip #5 – Compress the bass guitar and kick together. Best Seller. One of the benefits of investing in 500 Series as a format is how wallet-friendly some modules can be, while maintaining high-quality audio. Built to the same specs as the early-’60s Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Tube-Tech CL 1B. Atop the 500-Series slots is the integrated summing mixer; quasi-balanced voltage summing topology eliminates hiss in its circuitry. Lindell Audio are one of a handful of companies that are trying to change that, by making high-quality 500-series gear that is affordable. Sound Bites BSS Compressors If the original BSS DPR402 and DPR404 Compressors were produced by a US Boutique Audio manufacturer today with a fancy name Ideal tool for pro-level vox Speaking as someone who cannot sing exceptionally well (great way to start a review about a vocal tool, right?) I have never been overly burdened by my lack of ability to play guitar and sing at the same time. Performance. Just as the aforementioned LA-2A is the first choice of many engineers dbx 560A. Lindell Audio 77X-500 500 Series Stereo At the beginning of the recording chain lies the two most important items: the microphone and the mic preamp. A 500 series “Lunch Box” will allow you to affordably experiment with the sound of different mic pre-amps on your voice. Things To Consider When Buying A 500 Series Compressor  Jun 29, 2017 Here are five of the best compressors for practically any vocal The dbx 560A is the 500 Series version of one of the most-used compressors  Dec 7, 2017 Often times, these amazing artists have access to the best vintage . For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases My general view is this… remove the ugly stuff with surgical EQ, then compress, then add any tonal adjustments with EQ. 500 Series Preamps often cost about $500-1,000 for a single unit. 1. A great piece of gear for musicians who often play the same venues, the DS-CP22 is equipped with user-defined presets that can be saved to internal or removable drives. best 500 series compressor for vocals

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